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Welcome to our website. We are an Axtell, Bellmead, Beverly Hills, Bruceville-Eddy, China Spring, Crawford, Gholson, Hewitt, Lacy-Lakeview, Lorena, Mart, McGregor, Moody, Riesel, Robinson, Waco, West, Woodway, and counties surrounding McLennan County, Texas area Federal Firearms License (FFL) and Attorney and Counselor at Law. Here to help you with your firearms, gun trust, and prepper needs.

All sales are final. We cannot offer refunds.
email me if you have questions or call my office 254-752-4279
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Gun Sales (See our FAQ page for how to buy)

Pursuant to the law, firearms can only be transferred:

1. Shipped to another FFL (you pick up from them - I need a copy of their valid FFL prior to shipping - may fax to 888-748-5297 or email to gary@752gary.com)

2. In person, after completed ATF Form 4473 (with Texas CHL or background check). We only sell to those 21 and older (valid ID required).

Magazines, Ammo, & Knives - can be shipped to you if you live in Texas or another gun-friendly state. You must know your state laws. They may also be picked up in person. 21 and older only.

Wise Foods, holsters, and similar products - most likely can be shipped anywhere or picked up in person.

If you are ordering ammunition/firearms/magazines you will likely have to select the Adult Signature Required shipping option. (See FAQ page for more details).
ATF Form 4473
Waco Guns . com - Firearm Sales
We do not have a walk in and browse store, rather we handle sales by appointment only at a different location than the law firm.
We specialize in Concealed Carry and Home Defense
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