ATF Form 4473
How do I buy a gun? You must be a Texas resident, at least 21 years of age. You must fill out an ATF Form 4473 for each gun you are purchasing and have a valid Texas Concealed Handgun License or we must run a "background check" on you. You must have valid Texas ID.

Can you mail a gun to me? Only if you are an FFL. If you live out of area and cannot pick up your gun in person, contact a local FFL and I can ship the gun to them. They would then process and sell you the gun. They may or may not charge you a fee for the service. They will need to send me a valid copy of their FFL.

How do I buy ammunition? If you are not a Texas resident you must live in a state where it is legal to ship ammunition to you. You can then pick up in person or pay to have it shipped to you. We only sell to those 21 and over with valid ID.

How do I buy magazines and other gun accessories? If you live in Texas or another state where it is legal to ship to you, you can pick up in person or have it shipped to you.

How do I buy food and other non-firearm accessories? You may pick up in person or have it shipped to you.

How do I have items shipped to me? You must prove you are 21 or older to purchase guns, ammunition, and/or firearm supplies, therefore shipping requires the "adult signature required" option. We do our best to charge the lowest shipping cost. Therefore we offer several USPS "Flat Rate" Priority Mail options. Some items, such as ammunition, can only be sent via UPS.

Can I get a bulk discount? Yes, contact me and let me know what you want. It is possible that we can make an agreement and also figure out shipping charges.

I found a gun online that you do not stock, how can I get it? The seller can ship it to me. They will need a copy of my FFL. We charge $25 per gun for this service.

How old must I be to purchase firearms, ammo, and accessories? 21, no exceptions. You must have valid ID. Shipping will require valid ID or "adult signature required" shipping (extra fee).

Why do some of the used guns say they are new in the box? These are guns that I have purchased from my own inventory but left them new in the box. Legally that makes the "used" even though they are still in the box.
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